Cooking Eggs


Each month I'll be sharing a recipe book curated specifically for O'Melveny employees. Whether you're a novice chef or experienced in the kitchen, there's a range of recipes to explore! Hopefully, these recipes spark your curiosity around food and encourage you to try new foods that support you in your own nutrition journey.

All books are PDF and available for instant download! Screen shot your faves, print and store in a binder, save to your files, or store on your tablet for easy access when you're in the kitchen!

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MAY 2022

Getting kids to eat healthy can tricky! This recipe books provides fun ways to pack extra nutrition into your kids' favorite meals and snacks and also has recipes that you can bake together, so the kitchen becomes a place of joy and bonding! There are even healthy takes on go-to meals like chicken fingers, french fries, and pizza! I hope these recipes help build excitement around food for you and your kids!

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MARCH 2022

In our January webinar, we talked about the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables for our health & wellbeing. Whether you're looking for simple ways to sneak in more fruits and veggies throughout the day or interested in exploring new vegetarian recipes, this book includes 50 recipes that are sure to help you meet your fruit and veggie goals!

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APRIL 2022

In this recipe book,  you'll find 30 recipes for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks that all take under 10 minutes to make! The goal is to help you find stress-free and simple ways to add more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins to your diet! These recipes give you easy options to "spring clean" your diet and infuse your day with more nutrients! Feel free to let me know your faves!